The Weapons Pump For Trojan is a fully integrated package of weapons enhancements for the new Trojan scenario for Marathon. The Weapons Pump uses a custom Physics Model, ear crushing, high-impact sounds, along with some subtle changes to the Trojan Shapes file, to bring a new level of wanton destruction to Trojan. Killing has never been more fun. With The Weapons Pump for Trojan you shoot faster and hit harder, all while enjoying animation-synchronized, killer sound effects, and quicker, smoother weapons animations.

If you've been afraid to tackle Trojan on Total Carnage, tremble in fear no more. The Weapons Pump For Trojan gives you the tools to give back as good as you get ­ no tears, no apologies.

Download The Weapons Pump For Trojan:

I'm a man and I've set up my browser to know what a MacBinary file is. (weapons_pump_for_trojan.bin, 352K)

I've never heard of a MacBinary file and besides, I like longer downloads. (weapons_pump_for_trojan.hqx, 478K)

Just added -- the only film pack in existance for Trojan and the Weapons Pump For Trojan. We've had these films laying around the skunkworks for a while, but we thought you still might like to see them. Grab Pumped Films, Vol. 1 here! (pumped_films.hqx 36K)

The Weapons Pump For Trojan has been brought to you by Team Weapons Pump and was designed by Christopher Veres.

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