Candidate Statement
Colin MacDonald

Hi! If you're here, you're probably wondering why I'm running for a position on the board of The Obscure Organization, and why you should vote for me.

Well, first off, I've been on the board for the last year, so I have some idea what I'm doing. I'm also excited that Obscure is really getting into gear as an organization. We have a lot of cool and interesting people, and I'm hoping we can make this more of a real community. Not in some sappy, big happy family kinda way, but I think we can do a lot to connect up people with similar interests, obsessions, or particularly skewed ways of looking at the world. I'm already getting involved in the mentoring program, and I have some ideas for other things along those lines.

But I'll be working on that stuff no matter what. So why would you actually want me on the board? Well, I'm fairly strong on tedious yet useful qualities. I'm quite responsible, pretty reliable, and passably well organized. I've been having to do more and more organizational stuff at work lately, so I think the two roles will benefit each other. I've got a good mix of idealism and pragmatism, and I'm very low on the ego, bullshit, and psychodrama quotients. In short, I think I'd be a useful and active member of the board.

So yeah, I'd like to do this thing. And hey, thanks for actually taking the time to read up on the candidates.