Durham at Night



Night Pictures

Although my digital camera does not handle darkness well, I thought I would attempt to capture the lovely view of Durham at night from my apartment.The CCB building, the Marriott, and the Convention Center are all clearly visible from my windows, to the human eye if not the camera. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture.


Here is the CCB building, a little more
Hereís a better shot of the skyline, as 
seen through the window.
The courtyard of West Village at night.
I would consider making a poster of this 
one, although Iím not sure how well 
digital pictures posterize.
Hereís a nice shot of the Cooper 
Building at night.
Hereís the entrance to Tosca at night.
It reminds me of an old Humphrey 
Bogart movie, although I donít know 
which one.
Hereís another view of Tosca.You can 
see the candles on the tables in the 
Here is a picture of my four hanging 
stars, conveniently hung from a water 
pipe that runs parallel to the windows.
This shot has a better view of the 
Here is a closer picture of the blue 
Here is a closer picture of the red stars.

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