Theories on Women

Logic is the chastity belt of the mind!

     I have a great many theories about women.  The overwhelming majority of these theories are both unreasonable and wildly inaccurate.

Women and Colors

    I'm convinced that women are just physically better adapted at discriminating between
different colors than men are.  Whenever women talk about the colors of clothes, for example, it seems that they percieve a wide range of colors which are outside of the visual range and vocabulary of human males, like BISQUE, CORAL, PEACHPUFF, GOLDENROD, LINEN, FUSCHSIA, SALMON, AZURE, LAVENDER, TEAL, and THISTLE.

   This is because our pre-human female ancestors had to be able to recognize the males of our species.  They needed to be able to see the bright pink (SALMON?) coloration of the male's throat when pre-human males puffed their throats up like balloons...