The Chocolate Battery

I was going on some kind of road trip to a university somewhere.  I can't for the life of me remember what the university was -- I think its letters were USCA.  As far as I know, no such university exists.  Anyway, I was walking around on the campus of this strange university when I came to one of those signs which have several long, skinny white signs with names of towns and places on them which point in several different directions.  The one that caught my eye read "The Chocolate Battery," and so I followed it.  Tucked away in a tiny square area of some kind of student center was a little restaurant-like place called "The Chocolate Battery."  Their slogan under their sign read, "Re-charge your chocolate batteries here."  Everything they sold was chocolate.  Really good chocolate.  (I don't usually remember smells in my dreams, but I remembered it this time.)  So I had a brownie-like thing that was wonderful, and a cup of hot cocoa, for $1.59.  I remember asking the salesperson why the prices were so low, and she said that the Chocolate Battery was sponsored in part my Student Activities Fee.

I'm thinking that the dream, too, was sponsored by my Student Activities Fee.

(Non-University of Maryland student need to know that almost every damn flyer, piece of
paper, or other promotion one sees at UM says that the publication/event is sponsored in part by your student activities fee. This includes everything from the Redundant Student Union to Consumers for Christ.)