A Dream About Ann

Ann was showing me some things that she had bought at Victoria's Secret.  No, she wasn't exposing herself or doing anything inappropriate, as much as I would have LIKED her to be doing either or both of those things.  She showed me some kind of garter -- a lacy, elastic things, the purpose of which I have never determined.  Girl clothing has always been very mysterious to me.  I suspect it is supposed to be mysterious.

In the days of knights and kings and noble ladies, a lady would sometimes give her kerchief or veil to a knight who was about to joust.  The knight would then promise to vanquish the enemy, or win the tournament, on the lady's behalf.  Well, in my dream, Ann gave me her garter-thing, and I attached it to a phillips-head screwdriver, and swore to vanquish technical problems with computer hardware in Ann's name.