Ashley's Space

Several years ago, Richard kindly gifted me with space here on his server, for which I have over the years been more thankful than I've let him know. However, I've been squandering this space as far as what I'm presenting to the public, which has so far been pretty much nothing but a small section that linked from my old site on another server. That section is still here, but the old site has come down, so I've been moved to write this up to provide a front page for the miscellaney that resides here, and maybe at some point I'll be moved to put something more up.

In the meantime, I've gotten my own domain name and have finally finished setting up my "real site". This site isn't located here because it's rather graphics-heavy and I want other people to have room for their stuff on obscure! I finally figured out what I wanted it to look like after more than a year of deliberation, and that is the space I am using to display my artwork on.

Invisigoth - I used to be found regularly in the DC scene, but I realize there hasn't been an Ashley Sighting in quite some time. Sorry about that. I've just become caught up in my own life and my own stuff and haven't made the time or energy to get myself out. But I assure you I'm still alive and doing better than ever! One day I'll actually act on the thought, "Maybe I'll finally get out tonight and go to (insert current scene event here) for a change", a thought I have often but then invariably I get caught up in something else. There are so many new people on the scene, though! Every time I do venture out, I get more and more looks of, "Who are you?", while I'm wondering the same thing. I tend to have less attitude about it than some, though...

Anyway, what resides in this space are two sections: my Friends' Gallery, and some drawings I did in the fall of 1999 when I finally got myself geared up enough to start drawing for real again after not having drawn since I graduated from the Corcoran six years before. The Friends' Gallery was something I created back when Steve didn't have a website of his own, Slash didn't have any of his work up anywhere, and another friend of mine deserved to have her work seen. Since then Steve and Pia have gotten their own websites, so now this is really a gallery for Slash until he finally gets off his butt to make himself one.

If you want to contact me and I still work here, you can reach me quickly at my work account. If you get no response you can try my personal account, but for now I rarely check that.

This page was created July 13, 2000.