Did they tell you how she looked 
When they found her? 
Arms outstretched 
As if she waited for you still 
Her warring factions silenced 
Behind her lifeless eyes 
Did they tell you where she was 
When they found her? 
Not where you thought she would be 
Middle of the floor 
Bucket overturned 
Crimson staining everything 
(she didn't want to make a mess)  

Broken mirrors all through the house 
Shattered reflections 
Fragmented lives 
All because she couldn't bear to see 
The face you said you loved 
Would love for all time 
(you lied, didn't you?) 

Now she is still 
She will speak no mroe 
Think no more 
Feel no more 
Scream no more 

Do you wonder how I know all this? 
Why I'm here in the middle of the 
Do you wonder why I'm telling you this? 
I thought that you should know 
Because you didn't care before 
And now it's too late 
You've forgotten what she looks like 
(that face you said you loved) 

Think back within your narrow mind 
Think, think again 
Take a long hard look at me 
(that face you said you loved)



Db 21-23 April 1997 *loss*