mother is the name for god on the lips of all children...except mine

To quote Elizabeth Wurtzel, it's as if I came off the assembly line flat out fucked, and no one thought to send me back before the warranty ran out.

this is my rant central page, home to my bitchings about Zoloft, bad boyfriends, food poisoning, bills, and being a borderliner. This page is still under construction, and will probably be under construction indefinitely, as I find new things to rant about

My goodness, it's been a few years since I've really looked at this part. So much has happened before and since. Original sin has taken off, I work a better job, I'm living by myself again for the first time since 1995. I'm still a dreamer.

Everything should be fine, but it's not. I'm married to a guy who abandoned me in 1993. I will start proceedings to have him declared dead later on this year. Even if I don't succeed in this endeavour, it will certainly be fun to try. And in the meantime. I know I'm not a bad person. I'm pretty sure I'm not nearly as unattractive as I and a few others would have me think. So why does it seem that no one is attracted to me? This makes no sense to me. Some friends mentioned to me that perhaps it is that people who are attracted are afraid to say so. But why? Ack! That's a dead horse we could beat until the cows come home, I'm sure.

Amazing the things we learn about ourselves over time.

Another year, another thing to bitch about. Hockey. What the hell is UP with the Capitals trading Zed to Montreal? He was just starting to come out and kick some ass for Washington on the ice and they go and trade him! *boo* *hiss*.