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Text Markup and Links

To add special formatting to text, just enclose it within markup. There are special notations which are automatically recognized as internal or external links or as embedded pictures.

Input Display
''italic'' and '''bold''' and __underlined__ italic and bold and underlined
`typewriter` typewriter
^super^script and ,,sub,,script superscript and subscript
PageReference WikiSandBox PageReference WikiSandBox
MoinMoin:HelpContents [MoinMoin]HelpContents (InterWiki-Link)
:)  B)  :))  ;)  :D  :(  :-?  ;)) :) B) :)) ;) :D :( :-? ;)) (Smileys)
/!\  <!>  (!)  (./)  {OK}  {X}  {i} /!\ <!> (!) (./) {OK} {X} {i} (Marks)
{1}  {2}  {3}  {de}  {en} {1} {2} {3} {de} {en} (Priorities and flags)

For details see HelpOnFormatting, HelpOnLinking and HelpOnSmileys.