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Clear message

ColinMacDonald's notes on the redesign of his web site.

  1. Framework
  2. New stuff
  3. Contents


There are a few possibilities for how I can handle this.

New stuff


I'm starting out with the current contents, and I'll try to rearrange them into something a little more coherent.

(Stuff I need to write is in parentheses.)

  1. Home - news/events

  2. Intro - About this Site

  3. Resume

  4. Address & Directions

  5. Nadra

  6. Journal - recent

    1. Intro

    2. England, Summer 2003

    3. England, Christmas 2001

    4. Germany, Spring 2000

    5. Hair Quiz

    6. Snapshot

  7. Geekiness - (intro)

    1. Books

    2. Rants

    3. How-tos

    4. Tools

    5. Links

  8. Work

    1. Resume

    2. Work History

    3. Code Samples

  9. Restaurants

  10. Cool Stuff

    1. Cool Places

    2. Small Press Expo

    3. Zeppelins

    4. Playmobil

    5. Word Matches

    6. Actor Switch

  11. Media

    1. Books - recent

      1. Fiction

      2. Non-Fiction

      3. Children's Books

    2. Comics - recent

      1. paper

      2. electronic

    3. Movies - (intro)

      1. recent

      2. recommended

    4. Music - (recent)

      1. recommended

      2. Fall

      3. Industrial

      4. Lyle Lovett


      6. Working

      7. Brian Eno

      8. Weird German Bands

  12. Rants

    1. Drinking

    2. Beige People