Scratch Day 5: 2007-11-14

Self Assessment Results


We asked the students for suggestions, asking these questions:

The students responded as follows, edited lightly for grammar and to make complete sentences:


The last day of class went pretty well. Kids continued to dart up to the smart board when it was not their turn in discussion, however. Everyone who wanted to had a chance to explain their projects. Students continued to make progress on their projects, both the individual and group projects. The Capture The Flag game showed particular promise.

Future Improvements

Having 2 adults for 10 kids was workable. It was much harder on days when we had only 1 adult in the classroom. The lab has room for twice as many students, but we would be well-advised to have twice as many adults then, too, with at least one other adult who had more than a passing familiarity with Scratch.

Moving the Wiki to a public URL rather than one behind a gate might encourage more participation in class planning from the Obscure and Campbell communities.

Instead of having Day 2 be Art and Music with Scratch, we should have Day 2 be dedicated to the Scratch Your Name project.

We did not send home the Scratch user's guide, we probably should have somewhere between day 2 and day 5. We should also distribute the Scratch CD-ROM and parent intro letter on day 1 next time.

We could have a mailing list for the parents in the class to communicate.