Scratch Day 4: 2008-03-12

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again   Alex   an   and   as   at   based   beginning   class   classroom   Computer   concrete   Creative   Day   day   days   delivered   earlier   end   Exploration   focus   for   from   had   have   having   helped   in   It   kind   lab   lesson   like   March   maybe   more   mostly   much   not   notes   of   on   open   or   Petrov   plan   presented   projects   ready   Scratch   seemed   show   some   started   students   The   the   their   theme   there   These   they   things   this   to   topic   touch   volunteered   was   where   who   with   work   worked   would  

Clear message

These notes touch on the lesson delivered from the lesson plan Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch: Day 4, delivered on March 12, 2008.

Alex Petrov again volunteered in the classroom on Day 4.

Day 4 was mostly an open lab day where the students worked on the projects they had started on earlier days.

The students presented their work at the beginning and end of class, based on who was ready to show things. It seemed like there was not as much focus as in earlier days for this class, maybe having some kind of theme or more concrete topic would have helped more.