Scratch Day 3: 2007-10-31

The following 128 words could not be found in the dictionary of 550 words (including 550 LocalSpellingWords) and are highlighted below:

able   absolutely   Also   and   another   around   assignments   at   away   bang   before   being   board   but   challenge   class   Computer   computers   conflict   confrontation   content   Creative   Day   deliver   devised   dialog   did   Don   down   encountered   escalating   Exploration   feelings   followed   for   from   going   group   groups   had   help   hostility   hurt   idea   ideas   if   in   indignant   instead   it   keep   keyboard   kids   lesson   lot   loved   mildest   mouse   my   needed   not   Notes   of   off   older   on   one   ones   other   others   own   pair   people   personality   plan   present   presenting   projects   random   rebuke   redirect   refused   reshuffled   resistance   review   room   Sample   scratch   Scratch   See   semi   serious   Several   several   side   smart   Some   someone   starting   stayed   still   student   students   That   that   The   the   their   think   though   to   torpedoed   tried   Ugh   use   very   viable   was   we   well   went   were   while   with   work   write   you   younger  

Clear message

Day 3 Notes

See Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch: Day 3 for the lesson plan.

The review went very well, though it was a challenge to keep the kids off the computers at the side of the room while students were presenting. The kids loved being able to use the smart board to present.

I encountered a lot of resistance to the idea that people needed to write down ideas before starting to bang away at the keyboard and mouse. Some groups stayed on plan, others did not. Also, a serious personality conflict torpedoed my semi-random group assignments. I tried to pair older kids with younger ones, but one student absolutely refused to work with another.

I reshuffled the groups instead of escalating the confrontation, but still had to help redirect the hostility of the indignant student away from the other student. Sample dialog "Don't you think that if we review that in class, it's going to hurt someone's feelings?" That's the mildest rebuke of several I had to deliver. Ugh.

Several groups devised viable projects and followed the lesson plan, others were content to scratch around on their own.