Scratch Day 2: 2008-02-27

The following 91 words could not be found in the dictionary of 550 words (including 550 LocalSpellingWords) and are highlighted below:

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Clear message

These notes touch on the lesson delivered from the lesson plan Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch: Day 2, delivered on February 27, 2008.

Alex Petrov volunteered to help in the classroom for Day 2. He helped the students with their questions, and noted that the kids were not asking as many questions as he had expected.

We had only 5 students in class today, Kim and Ted were absent.

Most of the kids really got into the name project. One student, Bill, the oldest in the class, worked on a geometric art project instead that used lots of complicated mouse-based controls.

All the students got a chance to present their work at the end of the class. This was a bit rushed as the classroom clock was not working and we had to compress the presentations.

The names of students have been changed to protect their privacy.