Scratch Day 1: 2008-02-20

The following 131 words could not be found in the dictionary of 550 words (including 550 LocalSpellingWords) and are highlighted below:

about   accordingly   account   after   Alien   all   and   Andre   answered   appreciate   asked   Attack   been   before   Bill   bit   catches   chance   changed   Changing   class   Clone   Computer   consider   create   Creative   Day   delivered   do   drops   earth   end   Exploration   extra   February   firmly   for   from   further   get   going   got   have   help   home   Howard   Idea   in   interface   introduce   is   kid   kids   Kim   Kindergarten   lesson   like   manipulating   matter   middle   might   more   name   names   Names   need   needs   next   not   notes   of   on   our   parents   Patrick   plan   plans   polish   pretty   privacy   project   projects   protect   related   reminded   review   Review   revise   save   Scratch   send   since   so   Spaceship   Spaceships   still   Student   students   subject   Ted   that   The   the   their   These   they   things   this   through   time   to   touch   Travel   treasure   ultra   user   violent   want   way   We   we   well   were   what   When   will   with   work   worked   would   Xevious  

Clear message

Day 1 Review

These notes touch on the lesson delivered from the lesson plan Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch: Day 1, delivered on February 20, 2008.

When asked about what they would like to create in Scratch, the students answered:

Andre is in Kindergarten and needs a bit of extra help in manipulating the Scratch user interface.

I reminded the kids that we were going to send home their work, so they might want to consider their subject matter accordingly, since their parents might not appreciate ultra-violent work.

Changing the lesson plan to more firmly introduce the Names project worked pretty well, this time I got all 6 students to save a name-related project before the end of the class. We will still need to revise our lesson plans to account for this. We will do a review in the middle of the next class, after we get a chance to polish the name projects further.

The names of students have been changed to protect their privacy.