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Note that this, as with the rest of the pages on this wiki, is only sorta secure.
It's protected by a password, but that password may be leaked by users more careless or generous than yourself.
Information here is quite unlikely to be harvested by spammers, but it may be seen by relative strangers.

You probably want to delete all these comments after you've read them. Just a hint there.
See my Obscure home page for more information:
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 1. Enable PAM authentication to allow Obscure users into Wiki
 1. Figure out how to use the Wiki Links

= Music =
 * Shonen Knife
 * Voltaire
 * They Might Be Giants

= Books =
 * authors you like
 * books you've read
 * books you want to read
 * books you would be willing to loan
 * etc.

= Movies =
 * movies you like
 * movies you want to round up people to go see
 * DVDs/videos you would be willing to loan
 * etc.

= Other interests =
Anything else you want someone to ask you about, like
 * education - degrees, courses of study
 * professional interests
 * languages spoken
 * foreign travel
 * tattoos
 * food and wine
 * arts and crafts
 * religion/philosophy

= Contact Info =
You should probably at least put your email address here.
You could also give your:
 * Instant messenger name
 * home page address

Depending on how trusting you are, you could also list your:
 * phone number
 * home address
 1. Migrate to MediaWiki
 1. Lock things down harder

I'm the founder of the ObscureOrganization.

See my Obscure home page for more information:

  1. Wiki ToDo

Wiki ToDo

  1. Migrate to MediaWiki

  2. Lock things down harder