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Clear message

General info about the Obscure Organization. Feel free to create new links off this page. For more info about the Wiki itself, see the IntroPage.

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  3. Minutes, etc.
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Minutes, etc.


Go ahead and add yourself to the list. Leave out the space between your first and last name, and wiki will treat it as a link. It'll be red if you don't already have a home page. To create one, click on it, and click the ObscureHomepageTemplate link on the next page.

Using this Wiki

This wiki exists to help build the Obscure community, to give its members a way to find other people with similar interests, and to share ideas and information. The first thing to do to join in on the fun is to create your own home page, as described above. Then start exploring. The RecentChanges page will show you which wiki pages have changed recently, and who is working on them. The FindPage will let you search all the wiki pages on this site for topics of interest. If you find a page that you're interested in, you can browse any links on it, or you can click on the title of the page to see all the pages that link to it. If you run out of pages to surf, add stuff to your home page. Create new pages for the things you're interested in. Then there will be more cool stuff for the next person who comes along.

There's a network effect at work here. At first, there won't be a lot of info here, so there won't be much to keep people coming back. As more and more pages are created, there will be more for people to read and react and contribute to. At some point, it will pass a tipping point, and start sucking all your free time away.