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about   actively   all   also   and   are   Art   assistance   at   ball   be   better   big   bunch   but   by   Chance   clearly   come   completely   contribute   defined   different   do   enjoy   events   expected   experience   fair   field   folks   For   from   fun   game   geeks   get   goals   guiding   has   have   helps   How   in   interested   is   it   It   just   kickoff   know   knowledge   languages   level   limited   list   little   mailing   means   meet   mentor   mentoring   more   motivated   much   new   no   normal   not   Obscure   of   only   or   Organization   pages   party   people   plan   Please   program   project   random   re   reactive   really   regular   role   rolling   self   should   skill   social   some   someone   something   sort   specialized   stage   still   structure   student   subjects   talk   talking   teaching   Teaching   technical   than   The   the   them   This   this   thoughts   to   tutor   tutoring   understand   up   vary   very   Very   We   we   web   where   who   Why   with   writing   you  

Clear message

A project of the ObscureOrganization.

This is still very much at the "random thoughts" stage. Please contribute.

We have a bunch of people who are big geeks, people who not only have some sort of specialized knowledge or skill, but also actively enjoy talking about it. This is by no means limited to technical subjects. Art, writing, and languages are all fair game.

Why mentor?

How much structure should a mentoring program have? Very little - mentoring is very reactive. This is different from tutoring, where the tutor has clearly defined teaching goals. A mentor's role is more guiding and assistance. The student is expected to be a little more self-motivated than normal. This may vary with the student's level of experience. For someone who is completely new to a field, the mentor may have to come up with some sort of plan, just to get the ball rolling.

How do we get this ball rolling?