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about   am   an   and   are   as   assuming   at   back   be   became   become   between   big   can   choose   Colin   conversation   could   currently   did   difference   differently   do   doing   Donald   done   each   earn   ever   fairly   first   focus   for   free   get   getting   go   grow   had   have   helps   here   how   idea   if   important   in   independently   initially   interested   interview   interviews   is   it   It   know   known   last   least   left   like   limit   lived   living   long   lot   Mac   make   Meta   more   move   much   Obscure   Obscurity   of   one   or   Organization   other   out   parents   past   people   post   Profiles   project   question   questions   Questions   read   reading   really   recently   So   spend   still   Talk   talk   Tentative   that   The   the   them   themselves   There   there   thesis   they   thing   This   this   time   title   to   travelled   tried   unlike   up   ve   want   way   we   wealthy   what   where   who   Why   why   will   wish   without   would   you   your   yourself  

Clear message

ColinMacDonald's interview project. This may become an ObscureOrganization project. Tentative title: Profiles in Obscurity.

The first question is, "Why am I doing this?". There are a lot of people that I've known for a fairly long time without really getting to know them. So the idea is to make a project out of it. I could limit it to the Obscure people, at least initially, and we could post the interviews as a way of getting to know each other.

The big thesis question is: "Why would other people want to get to know you?"


The last one is important - it really helps focus the conversation. It's the difference between, "Talk about yourself," and "why would other people want to talk to you?"