Intermediate Scratch: Creative Computer Exploration: Day 2

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Clear message

Day 2 Lesson Plan: Capture Images and Ideas

This lesson plan is for the second day of the Intermediate-level course, Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch.

For this lesson, we need to bring one or more audio recorders, cameras, and the Scratch board.


Review of Day 1

On the second day, we will briefly talk about what we did on day 1, and discuss if their projects went according to plan. If anyone is ready to present their work, let them. Let kids know that they will all present their work on Day 3, so they really should try to have something started and saved by the end of Day 2.

Camera Expedition

We will go outside (probably to the courtyard) and take pictures of the surroundings and the students for use in Scratch projects. Then we'll go inside and attempt to get the pictures on the lab computers, and integrate any pictures students may have brought from home.

Lab Time

20 minutes before the end of the class, help kids save their work.