Intermediate Scratch: Creative Computer Exploration: Day 1

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Day 1 Lesson Plan: What Next?

This lesson plan is for the first day of the Intermediate-level course, Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch.

For this lesson, we need to bring one or more audio recorders or headsets, and the Scratch board.


Organizing Design Teams

On the first day, we will discuss what sorts of programs we would like to work on in class. Students will be encouraged to share stories about what they have done with Scratch since the first class. We may look at some of the demos in the new version of Scratch (1.2.1) together to help get some ideas.

The next lesson will include camera work, let the students know that they will be taking pictures in the courtyard. They can bring their own digital cameras if they want on the next day, or bring digital pictures from home.


Lab Time

For the rest of the lesson, help students get projects started, help with the Scratch Board, and help them record audio as needed.

20 minutes before the end of the class, help kids save their work.