Intermediate Scratch Day 5: 2008-06-04

Day 5 Notes: Intermediate Scratch

These notes touch on the lesson delivered from the lesson plan Intermediate Scratch: Creative Computer Exploration: Day 5, delivered on June 4, 2008.

Alex Petrov again volunteered in the classroom.

For the first half of the class we had open lab. More than half the class were highly distracted and were not working on their projects, instead they were either playing with the Scratch demos or they were drifting onto the web to play flash games.

When we presented, most of the students had very poor self control and they either fought over who got to present what, or they interfered with the student presenting by grabbing the master station mouse or keyboard or touching the smart board. This was the most frustrating part of the entire series of classes to date.

Two of the students working individually managed to achieve the goals he had set out in Lesson 3, another group had partial success, and one group did not make progress at all towards their goal.

Lessons Learned

The days that had more structure were generally more successful than the completely open lab days. Individual follow up with the students really helped them focus.

If we had more scratch boards, and a specific goal for using them, we might have gotten more use out of them boards. As it was, the students played a little bit with the demo I devised and then abandoned the scratch board. The same scenario played itself out with the cameras and microphone headsets.

Alex had a good idea regarding having a Scratch Challenge where we would present a problem to the class and then have a competition to see what sort of solutions people could devise. That might be a good way to kick off the class.

Overall the introductory Scratch classes were more successful than the intermediate class. The students had an easier time meeting the class objectives in the intro series.