Intermediate Scratch Day 4: 2008-05-28

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Clear message

Day 4 Notes: Intermediate Scratch

These notes touch on the lesson delivered from the lesson plan Intermediate Scratch: Creative Computer Exploration: Day 4, delivered on May 28, 2008.

Alex Petrov again volunteered in the classroom.

I demonstrated how some of the control structures worked, hoping to encourage the students to add more interaction to their sprites. The ad-hoc demo I came up with did not seem to catch their attention, though.

The student who did not present in Session 3 got a chance to present. I had significant trouble with classroom discipline during the presentation and after, the kids had a serious case of Spring Fever.

One student used one of the pictures we took on Day 2 as a background, but otherwise the cameras, pictures, scratch board, and audio recording tools went untouched. Those parts of the lesson need more development and we may need more structure in what the students might do with the tools.