Intermediate Scratch Day 3: 2008-05-21

Day 3 Notes: Intermediate Scratch

These notes touch on the lesson delivered from the lesson plan Intermediate Scratch: Creative Computer Exploration: Day 3, delivered on May 21, 2008.

Alex Petrov again volunteered in the classroom.

Most of the students had a chance to present their work, though one student was not ready and wanted to postpone that until the 4th session.

I decided to take turns with each group working on projects, to get them to revise their projects. Every group managed to get something written down related to their project this time, working with one or two students seemed to improve follow through immensely. One group decided to split up and work on separate projects. Providing some scaffolding for the design helped. I used this format to help two of the groups get going:

With the youngest students, I asked them to write or draw what they wanted to do, a more free-form approach. With the oldest student, who is working independently, I asked these questions:

All students provided some valuable feedback in this revision process.

One student took some more pictures and used them in a project. The students otherwise have not used the pictures gathered last week.

Though there was some interest in working with the Scratch board, people haven't really figured out what they could do with it yet.

All the stations are now equipped with Scratch 1.2.1 and the Scratch Board serial-USB drivers.