Intermediate Scratch Day 2: 2008-05-14

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Clear message

Day 1 Notes: Intermediate Scratch

These notes touch on the lesson delivered from the lesson plan Intermediate Scratch: Creative Computer Exploration: Day 2, delivered on May 14, 2008.

Alex Petrov again volunteered in the classroom.

One student was absent.

The students did not have much to say about the lack of substantial written designs.

The expedition to get pictures yielded a couple dozen photos, stored in S:\Scratch along with the scratch projects. The kids enjoyed taking pictures. We'll see how they use the pictures, once I got them off the camera I was able to get one to serve as a background.

I got the Scratch board working before class, and made a demonstration. The kids seemed interested and several of them wanted to play with it.

One student continued work on a project that started in the first Scratch class, and I worked with him to move it in the direction he wanted.

The student who had never taken Scratch before needed some extra help getting started, but by the end of the class, he had a project that he was tweaking himself.

Today was also a bit unfocused. Some of the students started playing web video games at 30 minutes before class was supposed to end, but I got them to switch back to Scratch.

Almost all the stations are now upgraded to Scratch 1.2.1, there are still a few that are at 1.1, we should fix that before the next class.

I am glad I revised the lesson plan to remove the camera expedition from the first day, it did work better on the second day.