Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch: Day 5

Day 5 Lesson Plan: Group Project Review, Assessment, Finishing Touches

This lesson plan is for the fifth day of Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch.

On day 5 we'll have the students do a self-assessment, work on their projects some more, then present their projects one last time.


It would be nice to be able to send home the class projects at the end of the course. Burning CD-Rs of the projects while the students are presenting at the end would be feasible if a classroom assistant did it. We might need to get permission to distribute collaborative projects, though. (Check with school administration.)


(Suggestions made by Carolyn Pool, Obscure member and [WWW]Association for Curriculum Development editor)

Give the students a self-assessment and feedback form that has a series of questions related to the rubrics for the seminar. It would consist of a series of "No / Sort Of / Yes" assessments with frown, straight, and smiley faces to indicate whether they agreed or disagreed with the statements. The statements should relate to the unit objectives and lesson objectives of the previous lessons.

Form: Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch: Self Assessment

Open Lab

Students will work on their individual and group projects.

Finishing Projects

At 30 minutes before the class ends, help students save their work. Distribute floppy disks so that they may save their work to take home.

Burn CD-Rs of the class projects for students to take home if time permits.

Group Project Review

Students and groups will share their projects with the rest of the class. Give the students a chance to ask questions about the other projects.