Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch: Day 4

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Day 4 Lesson Plan: Scratch Away

This lesson plan is for the fourth day of Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch.

On day 4 we'll continue the group projects started on Day 3, present work from the group projects, and then give students a chance to start a new project. This day will be mostly lab time, without a fixed instructor-led lesson.



At the beginning and end of the class, give groups or individuals who are ready to present their projects a chance to do so. Encourage students who do not present at the beginning of class to present at the end.


After the presentation, Give the students a chance to ask questions about the name project, or about questions they have in general. Be prepared to demonstrate art, music, and sprite interaction techniques.

Open Lab Time

Students will work on their projects, asking questions as needed. Try to help students who are stuck, or students who have finished one project to start another project. Encourage students to write up project notes on what their project is, and how it works, in the notes section of the Save As dialog.

Finishing Projects

At 25 minutes before the class ends, help students save their work. Distribute floppy disks to students who want to take home their work to work on at home. Make sure they save their work both on the network and the floppy disk, if they are taking stuff home.