Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch: Day 3

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Clear message

Day 3 Lesson Plan: Project Review and Group Projects

This lesson plan is for the third day of Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch.


It would be nice to be able to send home the class projects at the end of the course. We might need to get permission to distribute collaborative projects, though. (Check with school administration.)

Communicating with Sprites

Review the Fish Chomp game and show how the sprites in it interact. Change the project so that the other fish say "run away" when the big fish eat the little fish. Draw a blob of squid ink in the middle of the screen. Make the little fish change color when they touch a blob of squid ink, then reset when they reappear.


Give the students a chance to ask questions about the demos.

Team Projects

The class will split into teams of two or three students and talk about what projects they would like to do. Have each team write their names on a sheet of paper and then write down their ideas about what to create. Give them 10 minutes to decide what they are going to do. Let students form their own teams if they are really excited about it, and encourage people to form teams if they do not do so spontaneously.

At 10 minutes before the class ends, help students save their work.