Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch: Day 2

Day 2 Lesson Plan: Art and Music with Scratch

This lesson plan is for the second day of Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch.


Art and Music with Scratch

The lesson begins with a quick demonstration of two programs:

  1. The Kaleidoscope program distributed with Scratch

  2. Elephant Swirl, a new program

Kaleidoscope shows how to use the keyboard to move sprites around. Elephant Swirl shows how to trigger musical notes and how to use visual effects with sprites.


Give the students a chance to ask questions about the demos.

Creating Musical Art Projects

Most of the rest of the time will be a lab session directed towards refining their name projects using the art and music techniques demonstrated earlier.

At 35 minutes before the class ends, help students save their work.

Class Presentation

At 30 minutes before the class ends, start class presentations. Give each student about 3-5 minutes to explain their project to the class on the smartboard.