[FlowControl] PhD position in fluid mechanics

caterina caterinamassidda at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 22:46:33 EST 2012

Dear Pierre Ricco, 


I am Caterina Massidda and I am going the get my Master Degree in
Environmental Engineering on May at the Univerisity " La Sapienza", Rome,
Italy. I was  looking for Phd and saw your post on FlowControl  named
phd-sheffield-singapore. I have readen that position is issue. But I wuold
like to know if other position are opening.

I am making my Master Thesis at The WHOI, Woods Hole, MA, under the
supervision of the Proffesor Claudia Cenedese. My Thesis is an experimental
work about the Taylor Column using the rotating table. In with barotropic
fluid and making a baroclinic fluid using one time a heater  and another
time the stratification. In the end I am going to processe the work with
Matlab and Digiflow.

I am going to attack my CV, where you will able to found all my others
projects that i have made during my Master Degree.

Take Care

Caterina Massidda


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