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Re: LIST NOTICE: JavaScript Mayhem (Technical Morass; Long)

>To provide a mail exploder, all you need to do is have a relatively fast
>and highly reliable machine (i.e. it is always running) with Sendmail V8
>that can take some additional mail delivery load. A machine that already
>acts as a mail hub for a medium sized organization is ideal. The machine
>should have fast (128K+) connectivity to the 'Net and good links to
>neighboring countries where appropriate (see domain breakdown at the end
>of this message).

        Note that a mail exploder doesn't necessarily need a
lot of processing so much as a good network connection.  If
Obscure's connection had been on a T1, we probably would never
have noticed any added load, because it could clear the queue
much faster.

        Accordingly, 486 and greater class machines that are
on a T1 line or greater should be able to handle just about
any of the domains (including .com, .net, and .edu).  Please
ask your local mail gurus to see if you can help bring the
list back online.  At this point we can continue to provide
the management, but we can't commit the resources to continue
the list by ourselves.


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