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i think you were on the right track.
the parent.document.open() idea does work.

   // rewrite your page here
   // close the document and flush
   // the close (above) part is key for the second time around handling

i agree with "John Ray" that document.clear does not seem to work.

flint weiss

From: "Colin T. Hill" <hillct@fire.clarkson.edu>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 02:30:55 -0500
Subject: Frame Refresh w/o removing Javascript

Hi all,
   I have a question about refreshing
frame content. I have one frame containing
Javascript, it's generated output and controls
that allow configuration of settings which
reside in HTTP Cookies. When a setting is
changed, I would like to refresh the frame
preferably, without hardcoding the page URL.
My Refresh routine follows:

function redraw() {
  parent.document.open();      Should Clear it