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RE: help with window.open()

the problem is that the URL in window.open does not fill the new, opened
window. it sits there and seems to do something due to the cursor replaced
by the stopwatch. you can replace the win2.html with any html doc. Moreover,
the menubar does not appear in the new window at all.

This still frustrates me!!!!


>I guess I'm confused (which isn't unusual).  I tried your script and it does
>everything it looks like it should -- all the buttons work, and such.  I
>don't have the win2.html file, though.  Is this where the "stopwatch" is?
>What do you mean by "the menubar does not pop up"?  .
>At 03:21 PM 2/29/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I am having lots o trouble with this script:
><TITLE>Window object example: Window 1</TITLE>
><BODY BGCOLOR="antiquewhite">
>es,width=250, height=400")
>document.writeln("<B>The first window has no name: " + window.name + "</B>")
>document.writeln("<BR><B>The second window is named: " + window2.name + "</B>")
><FORM NAME="form1">
><P><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Open a message window"
>h=175, height=300')">
><P><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Write to the message window"
>   onClick="window3.document.writeln('Hey there');window3.document.close()">
><P><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Close the message window"
>   onClick="window3.close()">
><P><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Close window2"
>   onClick="window2.close()">
>first of all, the "second window" pops up with a stopwatch on the inside. The
>win2.html will NOT load into the window. But it did intermittenly work -
>sometimes! What is wrong with this. Also the menubar does not pop up!
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