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Re: Caching and JS - Bug?

This has happened to me once or twice.  I think it was the fault of the
cache or something.  When I went back to the editor (I use MS Word 7),
resaved, then reloaded, it was fine.  I don't know if it's a a Navigator bug
or a OS bug.  It has never happened to me with published pages, and that's
what really counts.

At 08:50 AM 2/29/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Is anybody else having this problem:
>1. Write a JS
>2. Load it into Navigator
>3. Change and save the script
>4. Press the reload button in Navigator
>5. View source - navigator has loaded the new JS
>6. try to execute the new JS
>BUG- the old script is executed.
>This happens to me frequently, sometimes navigator will even 
>execute a script from 2-3 saves previously.
>Its real annoying, but more importantly it goes to the issue of 
>how stable Navigator and JS are in general. I'm beginning to get 
>the feeling that JS may not be ready for any serious commercial 

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