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Re: new clock

At 07:34 PM 2/29/96 +1600,Rafa wrote:
>Here is a link to the clock I did.

This 'type' of clock forces the browser to reload the whole file AND the
graphics !
that takes a lot of time and clogs the connection. your code gave me the
following idea:
<script language=JavaScript>
setTimeout("location = 'clock.htm'", 30000)
function getime(){
	var now = new Date();
	var hours = now.getHours();
	var minutes = now.getMinutes();
	var post=""
	post += (hours >= 12) ? " PM" : " AM"
	var temp=""
	temp+=(minutes>=10)? "" + (minutes):"0"+(minutes);
	var hour = (hours<10) ? "0"+hours : hours
	document.write(hour + ":" + temp + post)
// -->
<h1>The time is:<script language=JavaScript><!--hide
// -->

It is loosely based on your script but this one loads ONLY this file, which
is relatively small, and NO gif's/jpg's .

>We allow people to link their sites to ours but please send us a E-mail.

I personaly think that when somebody puts something on the web, it is
basicaly for peaple to come and see, and it is funny to say 'allow people
...' - the minute you put it up it is everybody's right to see / link and/or
promote a site. if you wish to restrict access/control access - put a password.
It can only be a request and stay a request, that people that link to your
page notify you before hand.

As for code that you post in your site, it is a programmers unwriten
agreement to ask permission to use ones code. If you wish that no-one will
use your code, it is best to put it in writing in the code itself.


BTW - I just scribbled the code above, and it seems to work just fine on my
system, if someone encounters problems I will be interested to broaden my
horizons (e.g hear about it)

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