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Re: Can anyone Help a Newbie...

>Pat McCarty wrote:
>> >-- [ From: Blake Natker * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
>> >
>> >Hi,
>> >       I'm a Computer Information System student at American University
and I'm
>> >in the process of teaching myself Javascript. Can any one give me a few
>> >pointers- It would be a greatly appreciated!!!
>> >--
>> >This Email Sent To You By: Blake Natker
>> >
>> >Email me back at any of these addresses:
>> >bn7591a@american.edu (
>> >det130@chuck.acc-lab.american.edu (For Air Force Related Info)
>> >blake.natker@american.edu
>> >
>> Blake, a good place to start is the Netscape JavaScript Authoring Guide...
>> http://home.netscape.com/eng/mozilla/2.0/handbook/javascript/index.html
>> Another good idea is to join the JavaScript mailing list, but I see you have
>> done this already. As of now there are no JavaScript books. Here's my advice:
>> First, tread through the NS JS site.
>> Then use webcrawler or yahoo to find some sites which use JS
>> (like mine: http://www.ids.net/~pmccarty/), and try to step through the
>> source of those pages.
>> Once you feel comfy, start writing your own little scripts.
>> Keep an eye on this mailing list - you may not understand everything
>> everybody has to say, but you'll pick up on it...
>>                         Pat McCarty
>I must say that this is about a perfect response to that question.  Maybe a 
>paragraph or two like this should be sent to people when they subscribe, I'd 
>bet that many people when they are first subscribing are looking for such 
>introductory material (yes, I am aware that it's not very difficult to find 
>this info. for yourself, but...).  The FAQ might also be referenced.
>Mike D.
>Michael S. Darrin
>Legislative Data Processing Center
>Pennsylvania General Assembly
Well thanks for the compilment! We are all beginners sometime and I don't
mind helping newbies...

                                Pat McCarty

              .:.                        Patrick T. McCarty

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