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Re: AOHelL

>I think AOL did recently change their setup so that AOLers could use
>Netscape.  There's also a persistent rumor of a deal between Netscape
>and AOL, and the "smart money" says AOL will get a branded navigator
>from Netscape based on 2.0.  Furthermore, if you go to the BrowserWatch
>site you'll see several entries for Netscape 2.0 compatible browsers with
>the notation "AOL-ALWEG" or something similar to that.  Of course, this
>could be anything.

        Windows AOL users can use Netscape via winsock, but AOL
Mac users are still stuck with the somewhat abominable browser.
AOL 3.0 will supposedly be out in a couple of months, and will
supposedly include the AOL Navisoft browser, which supports
everything that NS 2.0 supports, but is not NS 2.0.  Note that
AOL is a lot farther ahead with their Windows version than
their Mac version...


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