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Was Re: Closing mulitple windows

Devon Lazarus wrote on 27 Feb 1996:

>Pat McCarty wrote:

>>I am creating online help which, when loaded, opens a
>>new window without toolbars, menubar, etc.,...

>i have been experimenting with this ... the history array is  destroyed ...
>also destroys the menubar on PCs...
>javascript-based navigation interface

Well, I did my try in this direction.

In my example it is simple portfolio/presentation, where the aim was AVOID
the standart buttons and screen size. If the user is inside of application,
he/she can use my "interface" buttons and navigation. Of course, there must
be a possibility all the time to quit from the application. Using quit
function you can open new empty window with standart interface elements.

IMHO, in the near future if you are presenting multimedia application over
net, I don't believe, it will happen with the standart interface.

At the time I have one bug there, should be solved by 28/29 Feb!! Look at
If is no JavaScript button on front page, I'm still looking for bug in my code.

Any comments welcome.


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