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Re: JavaScript problem

I don't even need to look at the Website: JavaScript is not for this
application.  It has no input stream capabilities at all.  If you need to
capture data you have to do it with sleight of hand means, such as putting
it into hidden fields of a form.  Once the form has been sent back to the
client you can use JavaScript to read what's inside the hiden field.
Obviously, this is not practical for large amounts of data.

As for the manipulation part, JavaScript cannot change any HTML coming down
the pike.  You can, however, change the HTML using JavaScript itself.  This
probably isn't what you're needing, though.

-- Gordon

At 09:47 AM 2/27/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello all, 
>	I need some help deciding if a proposed application of JavaScript is 
>possible.  I am pretty sure that most, if not all, of the proposal is indeed 
>impossible.  However, my Executive Director (who is an expert at 
>everything...) insists that it is.
>	Rather than put a long post together, I have set up a Web page that 
>(hopefully) explains the problem at 
>http://www.paonline.com/mdarrin/javas/problem1.htm .  In short, I need to 
>fully understand the ability (or lack thereof) of JavaScript to accept and 
>manipulate a datastream.
>	Thanks for your time, 
>Mike D.

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