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Re: Achives

On Sat, 24 Feb 1996, Luke Andrew Cassady-Dorion wrote:

> If it is necessary I would be willking to achive the digests on the
> PhillyJUG site...perhaps it would be possible to implement some sort of
> search engine which could search for key words (I'll have to take to the
> ppl who donate space abou that one though). If the admin for this list
> (whoever you are) would like help with the project let me know, and I will
> get on it.

The digests are already archived quite efficiently on The Obscure 
Organization. Majordomo does a nice job of this. Check out:


Sometime soon we will implement HyperMail for the monthly archives, and 
after that we may use FreeWais-SF to index the messages.

Richard Bullington
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