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Re: onMouseOver Sucks!

> because it never does what I want it to do namely:
> Is it possible to do a mouse over event to the status bar in ANOTHER window?
> I have my windows settup so that the "main" window spawns another "control"
> window. Thus a mouseover in the "control" window should put a msg in the
> status bar of the "main" window. But this is not the case as it produces it
> in the status bar of the "control" window. Here is the code contained in
> the control window:
> <A HREF="navibar2.htm" onMouseOver="top.status='Stop Annoying me!'; return
> true" ><IMG WIDTH=134 HEIGHT=100  SRC="testmo3.gif"></A>
> So what is wrong? Is what I am proposing not possible?

I'm not positive on this, but: top refers to the top level of the 
current window, and is used when you're working with frames.  What you 
would need to do is actually refer to the window named Main.  

Matthew Douglass
New Age Software

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