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Seperate document

>From: David <dbingenh@execpc.com>
>Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 12:04:47 -0600 (CST)
>Subject: Creating seperate document
>I am quite new to JavaScript. Is it possible to create an updated HTML
>document after a form has been created using the target property and the
>open function?
>The problem I am trying to solve is that clients of my want to be able to
>update a particular HTML document through online input and have that page
>updated immediately using Javascript. Can anyone help me or lead me possibly
>lead me in the right direction?????

If I understand you correctly you want a user to input some data on a form
on one page, and then have his data formatted on a new page ... hmm. If you
use frames it is posiible to refer to form values on a dirrerent frame. You
could divide the page in half, and have the user input data into a form on
one half then as he leaves each field the other side of the page can update
it self. Use stuff like

parent.frameName.form[n].formName.value to access the user input

and onChange("doUpdate()")

for some example of how to do this check out the JavaScript index page, or

PS: If you need more help feel free to write me personally.


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