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Re: Mess = (Javascript && (AOL || Netcom))

>Not to offend anyone, but,( the heck with that, lets offend!)  the AOL
>browser is a joke.  {...}
>Seconds on this opinion?

It was an interesting concept for its time (originally called InternetWorks
by BookLink before AOL bought it ... and made some major downgrades in the
interface) ... but I stop short of calling it a joke.  It's just (IMHO) old
and a little behind the times (which is pretty easy to do considering the
rate that Web technology is blasting along).

I wouldn't have minded the AOL interface if they had decided on a way to
(easily) allow alternative internet clients into their interface (don't like
the built-in browser?  Cool ... use something else!), but such is not the
case ... and I'm one of the odd ones in that I don't personally care for the
'canned interface suites', since I've not met a suite that I really liked).

I've not played with GNN (AOLs internet-only solution) ... does anyone know
if it suffers the same problem?

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