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My 'Mess = (Javascript && (AOL || Netcom))' Message

Hello Again,

   Well, it seems like I started an emotional thread with this topic, huh?  <g>

   My reason for bringing this to everyone's attention was to point out the
   inaccuracy in ALL the Javascript documentation.

   If one or two unpopular browsers out there didn't handle the "<!--" &
"-->" correctly
   then I'd agree it would be no big deal.  

   A matter of fact, I do agree with those who said that for text-based
browsers, if
   things don't display correctly, too bad.

   BUT...  America OnLine is a pretty big place.  We aren't talking
hundreds, or thousands,
   or even tens of thousands of users.  WE'RE TALKING MILLIONS!

   Therefore, at least for me, I'll have to be concerned about the AOL
compatibility, or lack
   thereof, for the time being.

   HOPEFULLY(!), AOL will change their browser soon.

   But until that time, I can't afford to have clients display their URL on
company literature
   and have Web pages looking a mess to a large percentage of end users.
(Remember, although
   Netscape is the most widely used browser by us techies, AOL is still the
largest online service
   in the U.S. and all those people could be potentially seeing a mess on my
web sites.)

   That's my point of view anyway...   

Moving on to other topics,

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