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Administrativa (was: RE: Image type input-object?)

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, Andy Augustine wrote:

> Since people are asking. . . who do ask to add the JavaScript FAQ URL to =
> the footer for this mailing list.  I think the 'unsubscribe' =
> instructions have cut down on useless posts, maybe the FAQ URL can =
> answer a few questions before they're asked.

All questions of this type should go to owner-javascript@obscure.org, 
where Faisal and I will see it.

By the way, I would like to ask everyone to turn off the MS-TNEF
attachments that often end up trailing your mail messages (if this is
possible). I assume these are some kind of Microsoft perversion to allow
rich text formatting. When these little 3K messages hit the list, they
make my server spew approximately 1MB of data across the already strained
link to the 'net that I have (look at


Richard Bullington
JavaScript List Administrator and God of The Obscure Organization
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