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Re: Netscape 2.0 bug w. onMouseOver?

On Feb 21, 11:33, Jamie wrote:
> Subject: Re: Netscape 2.0 bug w. onMouseOver?
> >I've got a CGI that generates HTML. Among other things,
> >it adds more informative information to the HREF links
> >via JavaScript's mouseover tags:
> ><A HREF="index.html" onMouseOver="window.status='Back to
> >home page'; return true">
> >However, I notice that this information doesn't register
> >when the page is first drawn. When I move the move over
> >links, the status area displays the URL. If I resize the
> >window, the HTML gets redrawn, and now the correct infor-
> >mation gets displayed. Has anyone run into this? Do I need
> >to include something explicit (other than the onMouseOver
> >code) in the HTML to get Netscape to recognize it the
> >first time around?
> >I'm using Netscape 2.0 on a Mac.
> >Thanks.
> >Ramon
> Although I don't have a solution, I just want to add that this is also
happening to me. I have a button,
> that is "connected" to an onClick, but the specified onClick action doesn't
occur when the page is first
> loaded, but does work if I just resize the screen.
> I'm also using Netscape 2.0 on a Mac. (Hmmmmmm.........)
> Jamie

Without seeing the code, I can't tell exactly what's causing your problem, but
it sounds like what happens when you don't include height and width parameters
in your image tags.  Any javascript following an image tag that doesn't have
its height and width set is ignored.  I'm assuming this will be resolved by the
next release, but for now, just include the height and width and it should work

				-- Athomas


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