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Re: onmouseover routines (fwd)


For one thing, you need to add 'height=some_value' to your <img> call.
Here is the fixed version.  But be careful.  you will still neet to  
update the call to open a new window.

Here is updated version of uoyr code:

<script language=JavaScript >

function openNewUrl( frameWindow, whichForm ) {

  var maxLength = document.forms[whichForm].ThisType.length

  for (var i = 0; i < maxLength; i++) {
     if (document.forms[whichForm].ThisType.options[i].selected == true )
         urlAddress =
document.forms[whichForm].ThisType.options[i].value  //set url

  if ( frameWindow == "_top" )
     top.open( urlAddress, frameWindow )    // overwrite old window
     parent.open( urlAddress, frameWindow )     // in frame

// -->

<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF" link="#008040" vlink="#008040"
<img align=center src="./pix/new.gif" alt="NEW!" width=100  
<base target="main">
<tr><td align="center">
<select name="ThisType">
<option selected value="http://www.ecn.bgu.edu/users/urhendel";>Robert
<option value="http://www.NETural.com/~thekind/";>Adam Dace
<tr><td align="center">
<input type="button" value="Jump to" onClick="openNewUrl('main',0)">

Your welcome.
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