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Java examples?


Could anyone tell me if what I would like to do is possible via 
Javascript and if so where to find information on how to go about writing 
the script unless there is already a public example of it?

Here are some things I have seen and would like to do:

1. Recognize the browser type accessing my html page and send it to the 
appropriate page. Example would be if it was Netscape then it would go to 
a Netscape enhanced page but if it was Lynx then it would go to a text 
only page. 

2. Provide password protection to a page. I have seen pop up versions and 
would like to emulate one if possible.

3. Scroll text at the bottom of my browser. I would like to be able to 
scroll an informative message at the bottom of the browser. I have seen 
it with my Windows based Netscape but haven't tried it using my Mac based 
version so I don't know if it supports the text scrolling. I would still 
like to know how to do it either way.

I would also like to know some of the neat things that Java can and has 
already been used for! : ) I am sure there are so many uses out there I 
haven't seen or thought of....


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