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Re: READ ME: how to unsubscribe

On some lists I get there is a sig with the following information...

To unsubscribe...
To post a new message to the list...

I'd like to see this here...I often dont write because I cant 
remember exactly how to do it.

On 17 Feb 96 at 0:10, Faisal Jawdat <javascript@obscure.org> (Faisal 
Jawdat) wrote about READ ME:  how to unsubscribe:

>         If you want to unsubscribe from this list, the correct
> way to do it is to send mail to "majordomo@obscure.org" with
> the message body reading:
> unsubscribe javascript
>         If you send this message to "javascript@obscure.org",
> you will annoy everyone on the list, especially the maintainers, who
> will then have to go and manually unsubscribe you.
>         Once again:  "javascript@obscure.org" is for messages
> to the mailing list ONLY, and is NOT for automated administration.
>         If you need any help on how to use a mail server, please
> send mail to "majordomo@obscure.org" with the message body reading:
> help
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